Frequently Asked Questions

Can my insurance cover the cost?

Potentially. I am an "in-network provider" for BCBS PPO and HMO, United and Aetna for.The covered amount will depend on the coverage you contracted with your insurance carrier. Most plans require a deductible be met in addition to a co-pay or co-insurance. If you want to utilize your Insurance carrier mental health coverage, then insurance carriers require a psychiatric diagnostic disorder to be submitted and also they can request your confidential and private/personal information about you and your visit. Insurance carriers also will deem whether your visit is deemed "medically necessity" per their terms, not yours. I am committed to my patients privacy and their health. An insurance carrier is not committed to your health nor your confidential personal information. Concierge Counseling and Relationship Coaching are not covered by insurance.

Does therapy work?

Yes! Our therapists are highly trained and are experts at what they do. Our priority is to be of service to you and our ratings/testimonials consistently reflect client satisfaction. Numerous research findings show that therapy is very effective in reducing psychological distress. In fact, studies show that 80% of people who seek treatment find it helpful.

What can I expect from the process?

Your first few psychotherapy sessions will involve an evaluation of goals and needs. We will talke about what brought you to me and you hope to accomplish. The first couple of sessions will focus on exploration and investigation of the most pressing issues, or your most immediate problems, symptoms and signs of distress, and salient challenges in your life. Whatever services you are seeking, I will be able to offer you some first impressions of what our work will include and a treatment plan. Please share your opinions of the proposed treatment plan along with your thoughts of whether you feel comfortable working with me. This work involves a commitment of time, money, and energy, so it’s important to carefully and thoughtfully select the best fit for you!

What are your fees?

Fees range depending on the amount of time required and the service. Pre-paid packages include a significant discount. The services page provides more complete information, though fees range between $100-200 based on service. Are you not sure what a "fair cost" for therapy is ? Check out Healthcare Bluebook! Type in your zip code and search for 'psychotherapy' (CPT code 90834 or 90837). When reviewing the "cost" of therapy, it is important to ask yourself how much your happiness and health is worth to you. Your mental health directly affects your physical health and vice-versa.

Who can benefit from therapy?

The brief answer is that we all can benefit from therapy. We all go through life’s journey of challenges, losses, and stressful situations. We all acquire along the journey some psychological and emotional bruises and mind conditioned patterns of responding that are often maladaptive and unhealthy for our wellbeing. We all develop defenses and conditioned responses against unpleasant emotions and experiences. We all experience periods of fear, anxieties, depressed mood, and stress. We all struggle to fit in, form intimate relationship bonds, and develop meaning in our lives. We all wish for holistic health. Overall, the most important factors for the ability to benefit from therapy are the motivation to explore our self, our habitual reactions of suffering, and a desire to change or heal some aspect of it.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once an appointment session is scheduled, you will be expected to pay for it unless you provide 48-hours advanced notice of cancellation. This policy is representative of the industry standard within the counseling and psychotherapy professions. You will find that treatment progresses best and produces long lasting change when appointments are regular and consistent. So, as an example, if you have a Monday morning appointment time, then you would need to cancel that appointment by Saturday morning the preceding week.

Do you have a sliding scale or provide any discounts?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are offering a reduced fee for individuals who are financially burdened, but are highly motivated to improve their mental health. The reduced fee services are for Telemental Health ONLY and for a limited time basis. Conceierge Counseling does offer pre-paid packages which include a significant discount. Contact us for more information.

How do I pay for services?

All therapy services can be paid with all major credit cards issued by USA institutions, cash, HSA/Flex Saving cards, Venmo and PayPal. Your credit card is kept on file in encrypted system with or IVY pay. Package plans are offered to Concierge clients and checks can be accepted for these plans.

How can I be most successful in therapy?

The harder you work in therapy the better your outcome will be. This means coming to sessions regularly and on time; writing down your questions, comments, observations, concerns, and even your dreams between sessions, so that we can work on them together. It also helps to get clear on your goals for your life; and by all means doing assignments that we develop together in session and practicing them outside of session. I only have a small amount of time with you each week, so it's important that we use our time wisely, effectively, and therapeutically. The more prepared you are for our sessions, the more quickly the therapy will proceed and the more you will get out of it. Think about our sessions during the week. I encourage you to keep a therapy journal-to take notes after session about key points or things that you may want to try differently, and before your next session document your agenda. Be patient with yourself and the therapeutic process. Therapy is hard work and often brings up a lot of buried unpleasant emotions that you have not been dealing with for years. However, to go through life carrying all that heavy weighted unnecessary emotional baggage is self-sabatog. There will be times when you leave a session that you feel worse than when you walked in. However, that means we are talking about and you are processing the right things. You are not coming to get a massage, so you have to expect some times that you are not going to feel immediate relief, but that will arrive if you stay with the process. You are much stronger than you believe!