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Lan-laps is a mindfulness-based body oriented approach. To put it simply,  Lan-laps is mental health counseling that takes place outdoors while walking. You get the combined benefit of nature, counseling, and movement. We are fortunate enough in the New Orleans area to have access to  Audubon, City and Crescent Parks as well as countless charming neighborhoods. Additionally, In this time of  coronavirus, walking outside can be a nice alternative to telmental health sessions and may offer less risk of exposure than in-office sessions.

Lan-laps allow for a novel healing experience. It combines the gifts of movement while figuratively and literally “moving towards” your goals. Many of my clients prefer walking sessions compared to sitting and notice they feel more energized after this kind of session. And often, people find it easier to talk while walking side by side rather  in the traditional office setting. Lan-laps may be covered by your insurance.

Fee: $150+ per 45-minute session

*Available in the Greater New Orleans area from October until May

Friends Walking Home
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