Services Available


The juxtaposition of first-class hospitality and evidenced-based psychotherapy, concierge counseling is an individualized approach to your wellness and mental healthcare. Based on years of working with C-Suite executives, entertainers and public figures, this model allows each concierge client access to next level care with numerous benefits that traditional therapy does not afford. I will travel to your home, office, or other convenient, comfortable, private location of your choice. Concerns about privacy, traffic, and limited appointments are no longer barriers to getting the support you need, when you need it. 


Services provided are designed to cater to the exclusive perspective of the highly discerning individual. I will not use a "one size fits all" approach to address your needs; our partnership will always reflect what you need in that moment. Some sessions may focus on you gaining insight; other times, you may need an outside perspective to problem-solve, or perhaps you’re having an unusually bad day and need an empathic confidant. Your sessions can be what you need them to be; together we will co-create your sessions and help you rediscover your inner gifts and reclaim them in order to live a more abundant life. 

Concierge clients receive priority access by phone, encrypted email or text and video. You will always reach me directly and will not deal with receptionists, assistants, answering services, or anyone else who doesn’t know you and your needs. Concierge counseling is an exclusive elite service that is only offered to a limited number of clients at a time, so I may spend extra time outside of your session reflecting on your unique needs, sensitivities, special qualities, and gifts.


Fees: $200 per 60-minute In-Person Session

Service packages are available and can be catered to your needs. In addition to the benefits listed above, packages include extended hours, same or next-day appointments, and session length grace. For those dedicated to continued use of more frequent sessions, session package discounts are available.   


One of the greatest gifts I help people reconnect with is the gift of love. Every relationship is unique and our work together will be unique as well. I have a wealth of experience in working with LGBTQIA+,  ethical non-monogamy and alternative relationship structures.


I provide a positive environment where we actively define what your relationship looks like and how to create a relationship that provides love, intimacy and happiness. Couples will have the opportunity to gain insight and perspective on their ways of relating, as well as identifying what gifts they bring to the relationship. I’m also here to help you deconstruct default settings so you can craft your relationship with agency, awareness, and creative thinking. We will focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Unfortunately, health insurance doesn’t cover couples counseling or coaching, because “relationship issues” in itself is not a mental health diagnosis (which is a requirement for health insurance to pay for therapy).

Fee: $150 per 60-minute Online Session

At your location Concierge Coaching also available for an additional fee


Lan-laps is a mindfulness-based body oriented therapy. To put it simply,  Lan-laps is mental health counseling that takes place outdoors while walking. You get the combined benefit of nature, therapy, and movement. We are fortunate enough in the New Orleans area to have access to both Audubon, City and Crescent Parks as well as countless charming neighborhoods. Additionally, In this time of  coronavirus, walking outside can be a nice alternative to telmental health sessions and may offer less risk of exposure than in-office sessions.

Lan-laps allow for a novel therapeutic experience.  It combines the gifts of movement while figuratively and literally “moving towards” your goals. Many of my clients prefer walking sessions compared to sitting and notice they feel more energized after this kind of session. And often, people find it easier to talk while walking side by side rather  in the traditional office setting. Lan-laps may be covered by your insurance.

Fee: $125 per 45-minute session

*Additional travel expenses may apply by location


Wherever you are, I am here for you! Lagniappe Counseling is pleased to offer services via HIPAA compliant online interactive video platforms. I can easily work with clients online who are Louisiana or Texas residents no matter where in the world you may be at the moment. I am often able to see residents of other places, but please contact me so I can confirm your local laws regarding telemental health. Welcome to the new age of globally provided mental health services.


Telemental health appointments offer flexibility, convenience and a cost effective solution when getting to a therapist's office is difficult, limited or outright impossible. Many clients find this format to be a more comfortable experience, offering a feeling of more confidentiality and for more creative scheduling. Research demonstrates that video interactive Telemental health services are as effective & often more effective than traditional office setting. Telemental Health may be covered by your insurance. 

Fee: $125 per 45-minute session

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are offering a reduced fee for individuals who are financially burdened, but are highly motivated to improve their mental health. The reduced fee services are for Telemental Health ONLY and for a limited time basis.