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The Benefits of Getting Outside

Happy Earth Day! Today we appreciate the connection between the outdoors and our mental and physical wellness.

Most of us have spent the past year inside to preserve our physical health, but this has taken a toll on our mental health. On this Earth Day, it's the perfect time to remember the many benefits of the great outdoors. Research shows that getting outside in nature has many positive impacts on mental health.

Interacting with nature has been proven effective in reducing anxiety and depression and there is further evidence that access to green space offers the ability to evoke positive emotions; alleviates mental fatigue and stress, and can improve cognitive function and creativity. Different parts of our brain activate in nature; our mind calms, leading to physical changes including a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure.

You don't have to hike for miles to feel these results. Spending even just a few minutes outside at a park or any green space can have the same effect. Celebrate this beautiful Earth Day today by getting outside if you're able, opening the curtains & windows, or trying out your green thumb with indoor plants.

Don't forget that Lagniappe Counseling offers our signature walk and talk program, "Lan-Laps", a mindfulness-based body oriented therapy that allows you to get the benefits of nature and therapy. Contact us to schedule your Lan-Lap today!

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